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Greetings from North Central Iowa! The Rising Star Interns from Region 4 had a productive week with lots of time to work on our projects together. This week our team member Rebecca was in Europe on vacation, we sure missed her!

On Monday morning we had our weekly meeting with Sarah DeBour and we updated her with the status of our projects. We always appreciate getting her feedback and hearing her ideas. 

On Tuesday, the interns spent time individually working on their different projects. Aleyda made great progress in her work with Central Gardens in Clear Lake and the handbook she is helping create for them. Cooper worked diligently to draft plans for buildings and landscapes at the Art Farm, located near Northwood. Sarah continued to work on drafting lesson plans that align with the Lincoln Intermediate School science curriculum, as well as continue to work towards the objectives set for the project. 

On Wednesday, Sarah and Aleyda made the trip to CAL public school in Latimer, Iowa to meet with Jill Craighton, the greenhouse manager there. They got a tour of their facilities and also learned more about the greenhouse manager role. This helped the team better identify what a greenhouse management position could look like at Lincoln Intermediate. 

Cooper also met with Jed Findlay, an Extension marketing specialist to discuss our project at the Northeast Research Farm. Check back next week to hear about the Field Day at the Research Farm! 

Thursday, Sarah and Aleyda traveled to Charles City to have a work day in the Floyd County Extension office. there the team prepared agendas and confirmed their meeting schedule for next week. 

Sarah and Aleyda working on their projects in Floyd County

On Friday, team members Aleyda, Cooper, and Sarah headed to Northwood to take part in the Worth County Fair. The team set up a booth to highlight the Art Farm to fair-goers, and many seemed very interested in the Art Farm. It was a fun day at the Worth County Fair! 

Aleyda, Sarah and Cooper at the Worth County Fair with their Art Farm display

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