This Week in Region 11

Where did we travel this week?

Hiawatha Summer Camp

Shay and Jenny participate in Hiawatha summer camp every Friday for an hour. The topics we try to cover include urban agriculture and how food comes to tables. This week our lesson was about farmers’ markets and the struggles farmers have. They played a mock farmers’ market where there were producers and consumers. The food we brought was mostly foods you would see at a market. The producers sold the fruits and vegetables at their market, but as a consumer would buy the product, the producer took away a set amount of land and water. Explaining that to have produced, you lose resources as well. On the flip side, the consumers were given $12 to spend on the product; they could spend it all in the first round or save the money for the next round. Most choose to spend the money right away rather than save the money. 

Old School Produce Partners

This week has been another crazy week in the garden. The struggle of this week was all of the green onions that needed to be harvested and sprayed. Jenny spends lots of time weeding and thinning out the onions to be sent out to local food pantries in Benton country. Not only were onions going crazy, so were the tomatoes. The tomatoes are growing exponentially in the past week, they are now due to be hung over and trimmed. 

Women in Agriculture

This past week Shay got the chance to sit in on the Washington County Women in Ag meeting. It was incredibly helpful and interesting to see how Washington County’s program operates and the level of community involvement and care was incredibly inspiring. Beyond meeting the Washington County Women in Ag Advisory Board, we continued to reach out and meet with other organizations committed to empowering women in agriculture.

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