Week Five in Region Six

Mad Science Camp

Tuesday and Wednesday was the Clover Kids Mad Science Camp in Plymouth County. Nathan and Alex got to spend the day doing tons of fun experiments including strawberry DNA extraction, homemade lava lamps, fizzy painting, and lots more! The morning focused all about chemistry and biology, and the afternoon was spent learning about physics and energy while building egg drop contraptions and bridges out of paper. The day ended with enjoying homemade ice cream the kids had made that morning, as well as learning to make bubbles while playing at the park.

Salsa Party

On Tuesday, Alex and Madi spent the day with four lovely kids who wanted to learn more about canning! Using fresh tomatoes, peppers, and onions, they learned chopping skills, safe food handling processes, and the process of hot pack canning. Human Science Specialist, Renee Sweers, taught research-based information and used live examples to support her discussion. Everyone will be able to pick up their homeade, canned salsa by the end of the week!

PoP Club

Wednesday night was the kick off to our PoP Club events this summer! The Rising Stars went to the Akron Farmer’s Market and the activity of the night was egg carton seeds. PoP Club is an event we put on to educate young children about agriculture, and encourage them to eat local, healthy produce. After the kids do the activity, they earn a token worth $2. They have the choice to save it for future events or spend it on any piece of fresh produce at the market that day.

Cooking Camp

Gabrielle spent Wednesday and Thursday helping lead a cooking camp at the Woodbury Office! Children signed up to learn to how to make a variety of healthy, easy recipes. Some of these recipes include banana pancakes, cottage pie, and a charcuterie board! The kids designed their own boards, picking from options like kale chips, crostini crackers, feta dip, edible chickpea cookie dough, and chocolate avocado mousse. All recipes were a massive success, and the kids loved trying new things!

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