Week 5 in Region 1

The Great Produce Hunt

This week’s PoP club activity was a farmers market scavenger hunt. We decided to do this activity because we wanted the participants to interact with the different vendors. Our scavenger hunt included strawberries, lettuce, bread, honey, cut flowers, radish, and jam. Once the participant found all of the items they could come back to try our featured produce item. This week our featured items included strawberries and snow peas. The children had such a fun time walking around the farmers market and trying to find everything. 

The Veggie Hokey Pokey

In Dayhab, we focused on the vegetable food group. We introduced the veggie flash cards which included bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, onion, and tomatoes. Another activity we did was our MyPlate review and continuing to build meals with all the food groups. A fun activity we did this week was the vegetable hokey pokey. This was a great way for the clients to be active and have a twist on a dance they already knew. The plants we planted at the beginning of the summer are already growing so much but we decided they needed some more water with all of the hot days we’ve had so watering was another fun activity we did. This week the clients had the opporuniy to taste-test cherry tomatoes or broccoli. The Sibley Dayhab really loved the cherry tomatoes and the Orange City clients were a bit weary of the broccoli but most of them really enjoyed it.

New Growth in George

On Wednesday, we started our day at the George Daycare. This week, our outside activity was watering their garden and observing all of the growth that has occurred in the past few weeks. We also talked to them about the difference between a garden and a field. For the garden we split the group into different vegetables and they showed us how that vegetable grew and that gardens are smaller and have more variety. Whereas the field was all the same and much larger. Inside, we read the Tiny Seed by Eric Carle and played a would you rather game focused on fruits and vegetables. It is always fun to spend time at the daycare, educating the children about gardening and nutrition.

Joke of the Week

Why were the strawberries so upset?

Because they were in a JAM

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