Week 6 in Region 18

Hello! Kaylee and I had a very busy week this week! We started the week by going to Ames for the Career Exploration Day! We got a tour of the Iowa State Research Farm and then went to the Memorial Union to discuss other careers that Extension offers. Kaylee and I had no idea that Extension had so many varieties of job opportunities! After Career Exploration Day, Sherry Ford took us to the Extension shop, and we got a tour of the building.

On Tuesday, Kaylee and I prepared for our Seeds, Sun, and Soil camp on Thursday. We went over lesson plans and made sure we had everything ready.

On Wednesday, we finalized our design for the Pollinator Garden and roped off and killed the grass on the site. I also put the new design into RealTime Landscape Architect and showed off how inspiring the garden will be!

We hosted our Seeds, Sun, and Soil Camp on Thursday in Pella. It was fun teaching kids about the process of plants! We had the kids dissect different types of seeds and taught them the difference between dicots and monocots and how the sun affects the growth pattern of plants.

On Friday, we reflected on the week and finalized designs. We also did estimates on how much soil we will need for the construction of the Inspiration Garden!

Thanks for reading about our week. Happy 4th of July!
-Jake Guthrie

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