Week 9 in Region 6

Read about our week below!

Tech Camp

Tech Camp was held in Woodbury at the Pierce Street location, and six kids came over to learn more about science and technology. With only a half day of camp, the kids were packed full of activities to do like designing three dimensional shapes with Strawbies, making a battery charged sound system, and building a structure out of cardboard and plastic screws!

Salsa Camp

Salsa Camp was held in Woodbury at the Morningside Public Library! This was an opportunity for kids to learn about food safety and enjoy a snack! Kids learned about cross contamination and how to avoid it, proper knife care and safety, and how to make a corn and black bean salsa.


Nathan and Alex spent Thursday morning harvesting the Marilyn Engle Teaching Garden at the Woodbury Office. There was an abundance of green beens, leafy greens, peppers, and herbs! Roughly ten pounds of fresh produce was collected, and then donated to the local soup kitchen the same day!

PoP Club

The PoP Club activity this week was “parts of the plant”. It is a worksheet created by Region 6 Rising Stars where children can label five basic parts of a pepper plant. This is a fun way to have kids connect the parts of the plant to the fresh produce they eat!