Week 9 in Region 1

We guac-ed and rolled at PoP Club

This week for PoP Club, our focus was on trying foods that can be found in gardens. The food we had the kids try this week was rainbow guacamole. This tasting included avocados, red onions, tomatoes, and yellow bell peppers. In addition to having the kids try the guacamole we had a list of fruits and vegetables and they had to guess what they were tasting in the guacamole. This was fun because it made the kids think about what was in the food they were tasting. We had lots of fun making the rainbow guacamole multiple times but buying 12 avocados at the same grocery store multiple times during the week was a bit funny. Some of the participants were very hesitant to try the guacamole; however, once they tried it most of them really liked it. Even parents were very surprised that their kids were trying and liking the guacamole. This week’s activity was a huge success and made us realize how much of an influence we have on what kids are trying. 

Snack Attack at Dayhab

We’ve been cooking up a storm in the past weeks at Sibley and Orange City DayHab. In previous lessons we have focused on making a healthy balanced meal but this week we focused on making a healthy balanced snack! Each person was able to make their own snack which consisted of a protein, fruit, and banana. Everybody really enjoyed their peanut butter banana cracker and couldn’t wait to make it for a healthy snack in the near future. Since this was such an easy and quick snack to make we had to review the food groups and to be active. We used our MyPlate resources to make a balanced meal with the food graphics and then we were able to make a balanced meal using the participants’ lunches. To stay active we did stretches that could be done sitting or standing. Everybody had the chance to contribute a stretch which made this activity extra fun. We had a little time to play the game “Who Am I” where we were able to say which food group we were and describe the food. The clients cheered when they would guess correctly. We had so much this week but us and the participants are sad that next week is our last week.

Garden Tour at Lyon County Fair

Tuesday night we made our way to the Lyon County Fair in Rock Rapids for the garden tour. To help with this event we purchased radishes to put in fun reusable bags with a radish recipe included and made strawberry basil infused water. The garden tour was super fun to watch and hear all about the garden. Growing in the garden is a camp for kindergarten through 3rd graders where they start to learn about plants and gardening. Then the kids from the garden camp that we help out at, talked about their individual plots. Finally, Dustin, the regional horticulture intern, gave a tour of the community donation garden that he has been working on. This was a great event and fun to be able to see the community want to learn more about what is going on in the garden area. After the garden tour, we had fun exploring the Lyon County Fair and enjoying some fair food

Avacados: The Great Debate

This week at the George Daycare we had a few different fun activities. At our outside station, we talked about the look of different plants, watered, and played a few fun garden games. The kids liked learning about why certain plants look certain ways. Inside, we had fun reading the book “Avocado Asks: What Am I?” This was a fun book with trying to figure out if an avocado is a fruit or a vegetable. We also tried rainbow guacamole just like the PoP Club kids. Most of these kids did not like the guacamole but a few did.

Joke of the Week

Why was the avocado followed by the paparazzi?

He was a guac star