Week 10 in Region 4!

Hello from region 4! 

We have been hard at work this week with plenty of workdays and some meetings thrown in there. We are making progress on our reports, which are due next week. We can’t believe that we only have about two more weeks left until our final presentation, and we can not wait to present all about our seven projects on August 4th, in Morrill Hall, we hope to see you there! 

Our week started off with a productive workday. We were all hard at work, working on our part of the report and wrapping things up on some of the projects! Since we didn’t have any meetings scheduled on Monday we were able to leave Mason City in the evening to do some reading at the lake in Clear Lake and soak up the sun. 

We started off Tuesday with working more on our reports and had two meetings for our projects. We met with La Luz and Missy Crawford, where Rebecca presented them the handbook she created for their community garden. The girls went on to get pictures of the La Luz community garden and then went to get some sweet treats to cool off from the hot summer day! Later on in the day we met with Steve Hansen about the Art Farm project where Cooper showed him the landscaping plans. 

Wednesday was a busy, busy day for the interns. We started our morning with a meeting with Bryan Whaley to go over a rough draft of our presentation where he gave us some great feedback. From there we met Cindy Gannon to clarify some questions we had over our report. We are appreciating all the help that we’re getting! We later on traveled to Floyd county to meet with Lesley Milius and Susan Jacobs to talk to them about what and how they should use the Facebook group: Free Veggies – Floyd County. We then went over to Central Park to meet with the farmers market vendors to show them the logo Sarah designed along with some example posts for their social media. 

We winded down on Thursday and started off with another workday at the Cerro Gordo Extension Office where we all worked on formatting our report and getting some more things done for our projects. After leaving we went to Lincoln Intermediate to take some pictures of the greenhouse for the report! We then went to Central Gardens in Clear Lake for our final meeting where I presented the final layout and design of the handbooks! During the meeting with the board of directors, they discussed that we should try out The Viking (an ice cream shop nearby), we were told that the sizes were huge and it did not take a lot of convincing as we went there right after because these interns believe in sweet treat o’clock! We had been wanting to try out mini golf since the beginning of our internship so while we were in Clear Lake we stopped by (look at the pictures below to see who won)! 

Friday we caught up as a team and worked on our schedule for the upcoming week as well as a super secret mission, stayed tuned for the upcoming weeks to see what it is!