Week 10 in Region 1

Thanking PoP Club Members and Venders

For our final week with all four PoP Clubs, we wanted to do something special for the vendors. Thus, we decided to have all the PoP Club members make a thank you card for a vendor. The kids could decorate their thank you however they wanted, but we challenged them to draw a fruit or vegetable that they had bought this summer or one they tried. The kids all really enjoyed making the cards and the vendors liked getting the cards even more. This week our featured produce item was peppers. Like always most of the kids liked trying these but some did not. 

Watermelon Salsa

We started our Tuesday by attending garden camp in Rock Rapids. This week was super fun because the kids were able to harvest some of their produce and some of the surplus was donated to the Rock Rapids community. After harvesting, we all had fun making watermelon salsa and eating sweet corn. This was a good refreshing snack, that was super easy to make and tasted really good. We are excited to see what we are going to be doing in garden camp next week!

Pizza Party with Dayhab

On Tuesday and Thursday, it was our final time meeting with the Sibley and Orange City DayHab groups. We wanted to have as much fun as possible so we had a pizza party! Each participant got to create their own pizza. With our recipe, we were able to use an ingredient from each food group.

We decided to do this since this has been our main focus all summer. For vegetables we used spinach, this week we considered tomato sauce as the fruit, pepperoni for the protein, and an English muffin for the base. While the pizza was cooking we got moving by doing some stretches.

We also had time to review the food groups by playing the game “Who Am I” where the player gives clues about a food by sharing the food group, color, etc and the other players try to guess who they are. Everybody really enjoyed creating and eating their own pizza. For the groups to remember us and their lessons we gave them a laminated paper with the MyPlate reference sheet on the front and a 5-day meal planning sheet on the back. We want the participants to utilize this to make sure they are eating healthy balanced meals and snacks even after our program is over!

This has been our favorite program this summer and going to miss seeing the smiling faces every week! Shoutout to both groups for giving each of us Thank You cards! It was so sweet and brought tears to our eyes.

The Great Garden Taste Test

This week was our final day with the George daycare kids. Our inside activity this week was reading the book, “Eat a Rainbow: Healthy Food” and then trying cherry tomatoes and cauliflower since that is what we have growing in the garden. After reading the book, we reviewed a lot of what we talked about throughout the summer including MyPlate, parts of the plant, what plants need to grow, and other topics. This was a good way for us to review what we have learned this summer. Outside, the kids watered their garden and observed all of the new growth that has been occurring. A couple of fun garden games were also played. Going to the George daycare has been lots of fun and a great learning experience. Working with 20 kids ages 3-9 has been a challenge at times but always rewarding to hear them repeat what you have taught them. 

Joke of the Week

What does a nosey pepper do?

Gets jalapeño business