Week 6 in Region 1

We worked on some of our DayHabs about Moving Your Body and visited our Village North West groups’ facilities. They have a very unique setup with several rooms in which different groups are working on several projects spanning a month. Above is one of their craft and art rooms. We then had lunch with them and socialized with our friends that have come to our sessions.

On the same day, we helped with a camp for kids to make fuel cell cars. They first started by constructing little cardboard and bottle cap cars. Then they attached a balloon onto them to see them go. We arrived after that and got to help with the actual fuel-cell cars. They pumped water into a fuel cell and then pushed electricity through it, which converted the water into hydrogen and oxygen that went into syringes. Once they reconnected some wires, the cars took off. They all showed their creative sides after that by making Lego car bodies to go on top of their fuel-cell cars to race with.

One of the most fun opportunities this week for me personally was going to the Career Day for all of the Rising Star Interns. We saw sites for apple trees, chicken-powered gardens (chickens gave nutrients to the ground), robot-puppy mowers, and the site where our very own Jack Trice turf was grown. Then we learned about a couple extension stories on how some of the staff came to extension. We had a nice meal and finally heard about some of the main areas in extension and how important these areas can be.