Week 6 in Region 4

With this week being that of the Fourth of July, not a whole lot happened this week in region 4! This week consisted on tying up some loose ends on some lesser projects, and putting in some time finalizing the bigger ones. We worked with Steve Hanson to start finalizing our rock garden at the Art Farm, having a meeting on Friday to discuss the plans for our boulders we plan on placing at the farm. Taylor worked on an idea board for said boulders, aiming to maintain a farm feel for the piece. She also worked with Steve to find the artist to paint the rocks, as well as reworking the original idea into a brand new one. The new idea is to have either one large boulder or 6 smaller ones stacked into a pyramid shape. Surrounding said rocks will be the rocks from the rock painting activity we have been doing with the community to showcase all the hard work the kids put into their pieces.

Paige began work on finalizing the lesson plan binder for Lincoln Intermediate greenhouse. She sorted through all the different content we had been given, and chose the ones that would work best for the greenhouse and the grades we are working with. She is also ensuring that it lines up with the curriculum for the students. She has been working hard to format everything so it all looks neat and professional!