Week 8 in Region 17

Gardening: It’s Kind of A Big Dill

This week in Story County, the team started with a morning in the Beloit Donation Garden. Harvesting, weeding, and other regular garden tasks took place that we happily assisted! Through each visit, we gain lots of new knowledge for our ongoing projects. We absorb as much information as we can through research, experience in the garden, and meetings with our very own Iowa State Extension and Outreach Staff in Story County to finalize our documents as we start to wrap things up.

Revising Time

It’s getting to that time when each team member has begun wrapping up their projects and summarizing everything accomplished throughout the summer. The team still has lots of time left and many more things to check off their lists, but they are being proactive by starting to piece the final project together.

Growing Together Iowa Visit

The Rising Star team had the opportunity to participate in one of the Growing Together Iowa garden visits with Katie Sorrel and many other important individuals that made this project happen! This is the same garden the team has been volunteering in for the past few weeks of the internship. It was amazing to see the other side of the hard work that goes into providing fresh produce to low income individuals through this grant.