Week 8 in Region 1

We started the week by preparing for our upcoming Day Habilitation sessions and our first Skillathon. We started working on our final report as well.

On Tuesday, we met with the Rock Rapids Day Hab group to present our “Smelly Socks” lesson to teach the participants how to do laundry properly. They emptied pockets, sorted bags of clothing into whites, reds, and darks, matched socks, and treated several types of stains. We had another “Smelly Socks” lesson in Orange City on Thursday.

Our first Skill-a-thon was on Tuesday at the Sioux County Fair. The participants ages 4th-12th grade were all engaged with learning about the beef and pork industry. Our six teaching stations included feedstuffs, equipment, meat cuts, ear notching, implanting, and breeds. The kids took a short pretest at the beginning and a quiz at the end to see what they learned. They all left with more knowledge than when they arrived! Us interns enjoyed seeing the animals and everything else happening at the fair, as two of us had never been to a county fair before!

On Wednesday, we attended the Northwest Iowa Field Day. With many farmers, we learned about N-P-K application, soil quality, weather, and the benefits of short corn. Much of the information went over our heads, but we know now that farmers have a LOT to consider when caring for their land. In the evening, we were back at the fair to judge working exhibits, which included the activities of writing cards to veterans for Midwest Honor Flights and making “monsters” out of pool noodles and other art supplies. We decided both of these working exhibits should go to the state fair!

On Friday, we helped at the first Midwest Youth Dairy Goat Judging Contest at the Clay County Fairgrounds in Spencer.