Week 9 in Region 17

Cultivating Connections

Our team has been working diligently to make sustainable 4-H clubs. For us, this looks like gaining consistent sponsors and promoting the club. We created a sponsorship pamphlet for our “guinea pig” club, Cultivating Hope 4-H, that was sent out to local businesses. This pamphlet shows the reach of the club and how to support them. We got news back from Axis Therapy Centers that they would like to be a platinum sponsor at a donation of $1,000. This news allows the club to purchase more items for programing and even club t-shirts!

The second component of sustainable clubs is promotion. The team planned an event to showcase the work of the club at Cultivating Hope Farms in Ames. The event will be a tour of the farm facilities, petting, and other great activities! Please consider joining us July 27th from 6-8 p.m. at Cultivating Hope Farms.


Beloit Donation Garden in Ames receives help from many businesses and individuals throughout the community, but the team of volunteers doesn’t think these people know how much their support means. Our team worked this week to lay out a video to thank the supporters of the garden. We reached out to volunteers and leaders to speak about the impact. The video will be the last component of the garden project.