Week 8 in Region 4

With the summer starting to wind down, region 4 has been working mainly on finalizing the presentation. There are several events yet to happen that need to be added, but otherwise the presentation is in its final stages!

On Tuesday we attended a screening of “Like We Don’t Exist” at the Northwood theater. It was hosted by Art Farm Iowa, and featured the struggle that the Kareeni people have faced at the hands of the Burmese people. It was an extremely educational experience, and many community members attended. Many of them had questions, and asked how they could help the refugees in the camps in Thailand. A former refugee by the name of Maw was even in attendance, as he is currently doing a mural at Art Farm Iowa.

We also learned that our boulder for Art Farm Iowa is being delivered next week, so that’s an extremely exciting project that is finally coming into fruition. Its always a great feeling to see your hard work finally come to life, and have others appreciate the ideas. Next week will be focused on the Art Farm, and getting things finalized out there!