Week 9 in Region 1

It was a busy week, with the fair season in full swing this week. We started our week with a full day of preparing lessons for the rest of the week. We presented our Smelly Socks Day Hab lesson for the last time on Tuesday and taught about what to do before you wash your laundry. The participants enjoyed putting matching socks together and treating stains with household items.

We finally received our Birth of an Idea display for the Hull Museum. After a long process, it came in. We will have it in the Sioux County office for our final Council Meeting. We are so happy with how the display turned out. It looks great, and we’re excited for the community to have it in their museum to show the history of extension.

We had our second and third Skill-a-thons this week. To prepare, we usually go around the county fairs to hang posters and get some attention around the event. This week we tried to put one up on a rock wall, but after two failed attempts, we decided to just put it on the display table. Our Skill-a-thon for Lyon County was a great success, and we gave out money for the top 3 placed kids. It has been an amazing experience to see the level of learning these kids have been able to improve upon.