Week 10 in Region 17

This week marked a busy schedule for the Story County Extension Office and the Rising Star interns as the Story County Youth Fair was kicked into full gear. Alongside the hustle and bustle of the fair’s activities, the rising star interns have been working tirelessly to get final documents prepared for submission and to finalize extra elements for their projects for completion before the end of their time in the office. 

Carrots and Cameras

Tuesday afternoon started earlier than usual at the Beloit Donation Garden as we arrived with video cameras, microphones, and tripods. The goal for this day was to gather interviews and footage of the garden in action. This footage will be used to create a thank you video to display gratitude towards all the organizations that have helped support the garden over its long history, alongside helping display all the benefits the garden provides to its community. With speaking pieces from Kent and Susan discussing the garden’s history and influence, accompanied by shots of the garden being tended to and harvested, we have high hopes for the outcome. 

Place – A – Potty

Wednesday and Thursday mornings were spent in the sun with a small booth at the Story County Fairgrounds. This booth aimed to gather a consensus from the fair’s audience and participants about where the fair board should consider pacing new bathrooms. A large bulletin board provided an ariel view of the fairgrounds with specific buildings marked to help display locations. Fairgoers could then place a pin on the map where they believed the best location for a new bathroom would be. The most popular location displayed on the map was the option for redoing the existing bathrooms at the center of the fairgrounds, as many stated that a renovated location had been an ideal proposal for many years. 

Cardio Cards

Thursday afternoon, the interns assisted many other Story County Extension staff with providing activities for a large school group that took short tours earlier that afternoon. When provided with a rotation of broken-up groups, the interns used an interactive version of our cardio card idea from the farmers market. Each group of kids gave examples of exercises to represent each suit in a deck of cards, then took turns drawing cards and doing the exercises however many times that were displayed on the card. After a few rotations, the kids relaxed from the exercises by doing group stretches followed by passing around an activity ball where they talked about food groups.