Week 11 in Region 17

Final Touches

As we near the end of our internship, we have started wrapping up our projects. This week we finished our fair project by recording a presentation to deliver to the Story County Fair Board so they can easily understand the materials we provided them. Next, we have begun passing on our lengthy gardening document to individuals within the Master Gardener Program, so they can get it published. And finally, we have made our final presentation for August 3rd to be presented as a summary of our projects this summer. Be sure to tune in!

Education Outreach

Thursday morning, we were able to represent Iowa State Extension and Outreach at Cultivating Hope Farms for an educational event. We taught visitors how to dissect a bean, discovered nature through a scavenger hunt, and planted seedling necklaces. We even got to hold baby piglets!!

Sponsorship and Family Night Event

Thursday, July 27th was our Sponsorship and Family Night Event! The raffles raised some money and lots of visitors were able to see Cultivating Hope Farms while supporting Cultivating Hope 4-H. Axis Therapy Centers made and appear to help support the club they sponsored. The Cultivating Hope 4-H sustainability efforts definitely paid off!!