Week 3 in Region 11

This week was an eventful one for Linn County and Benton County.   

In Benton we had the amazing opportunity to represent Benton County Extension and Outreach at LaPorte City’s Festival of Trails doing paper marbling or as the kids were calling it paper tie-dyeing.  

We also got to help with Benton County’s Summer Science Discovery Camp (SSDC) for a few days this week. At SSDC, we had the chance to get our hands dirty, look closer at Earthworms and learn about their impact on the environment. We painted with “worms” (noodles, I assure you no worms were harmed in the creation of art) to make out very own master pieces.  The following day we learned all about the different components of soil, looking at everything closely with a portable microscope. SSDC will continue throughout the summer, and we cannot wait to continue working with youths in the community.  

We got to a library program in Shellsburg centered around the County Fair. We made slime, paper chickens, and even had a little fashion show moment in preparation for Benton County’s fair next week. And we just couldn’t help but give an extra fair touch by having a little snack on a stick (a marshmallow on a toothpick).  

In Linn county, preparations are now underway for the revamping of the Feed Iowa First Wanatee Farm deer fence, materials are being allocated and installation is scheduled to start next week if possible. We are excited to do something that helps the fantastic Iowan farmers of Feed Iowa First’s ELA program. We also toured the Linn County fairgrounds for the first time and were blown away by all the fantastic events planned for our upcoming fair season.  

Through and through this week was a busy one but it was a great week for Region 11. Pray for us because the next 2 weeks are fair weeks.