Week 5 in Region 13

Last week was a busy one for the Rising Star Interns in Audubon, Crawford and Shelby Counties. We started out our week in Shelby County where we put up our first composting bin at the community garden. We will work on starting the compost sometime in the coming week. 

We had two recycling day camps in Audubon County this week: one at the Launch Kids Club and the other at the Audubon Public Library. Our program worked great for the statewide library summer reading program theme this year of Read, Renew, Repeat. Over the two days we had around 90 kids who learned about what recycling is, what can and cannot be recycled, got to play a game to practice their recycling skills, and make bird feeders from recycled milk jugs. 

We will work next week to build the composting bins in the other counties and get those up and running!