Week 6 in Region 13

Week 6 was full of planning and prepping for Audubon, Crawford, and Shelby County interns. We began our week in Crawford County, where the local newspaper came to the office for an interview on how our time is going and what we are doing in the communities. We also donated and helped set up an extra compost bin at the Yellow Smoke Nature Center in Crawford County in hopes of spreading the word about composting in the Denison area. 

On Thursday, we took a trip to the Armstrong Research and Demonstration Farm Field Day in Lewis, Iowa. There, we learned about crop and planting practices in agriculture. The rest of our week consisted of contacting local businesses about using their leftover items to use in our three compost piles and prepping our schedule for the upcoming fairs. 

We are hoping to be able to put the rest of our compost piles up this coming week to see all of our research finally come to life.