Week 6 in Region 4

We are wrapping up another amazing week in Region 4! We spent a lot of time in Cerro Gordo County. At the beginning of the week, we were able to meet the highly esteemed Cerro Gordo Extension Council. We were delighted to gain a behind the scenes look at how some of the decisions are made regarding extension! Throughout the week, we spent a majority of our time prepping for the upcoming Show Stock Buddies Workshop, our activity for Fresh on Fridays, and the Skill-A-Thon.

In Worth County, we spent time at Art Farm Iowa planning on beautifying some of the outdoor spaces and creating an activity friendly for the youth! We went shopping and created centerpieces for the Art Farm Iowa outdoor seating. After some research, we found another way to display the painted rocks from last years Rising Stars! We are going to decorate a bird bath to add the rocks for display.

We finalized our week by doing another Show Stock Buddies Workshop at the 4-H Learning Center in Cerro Gordo County. The buddies were able to do a fun ice breaker activity and craft with their mentors! After a gentle reminder about animal handling, we went outside and practiced leading the goats around in a circle. Once everyone was able to lead the goats a couple of times, we came in and practiced carrying the rabbit cages around the ring and gently setting them on table to show the judges. Overall, it was a great workshop and we are looking forward to our practice show at Fresh on Fridays at the Central Gardens of North Iowa!

Show Stock Buddies Workshop