Week 7 in Region 13

Although week 7 was cut short due to the holiday, we interns in Audubon, Crawford, and Shelby Counties still had a productive week! On Monday, we headed up to the Scooters in town to drop off a bucket to be filled with coffee grounds for our compost piles. We also worked on finishing up our poster about recycling for the fair that is being held in Shelby County this coming week. Tuesday morning consisted of an Interview with KDSN, the local radio station in Denison, to inform the Denison community about our summer internship. 

We also found time to finish putting together the compost piles in Audubon and Crawford County despite the rain and shortened week. We ended our week by planning out interactive games and activities to put around our poster for the fairs to attract children and help them better understand the importance of recycling.

All of us interns are excited to get this next week rolling with the Shelby County Fair and share with you all that we did!