Region 5 interns still groovin’ on!

The past 2 weeks have flown by! Here are some highlights since our last time chattin’…

C.Brown Gardens:

We had the privilege to visit the the farm and see all of the work that goes on behind the scenes before they attend different farmers’ markets and such. We polished trays and trays of tomatoes, and also picked some veggies out in the sheltered gardens. The snack break was great too: tasting each and every jam that they sell, some more than twice…

With Mrs.Brown herself!

tomato polishing

Rebecca with a little spice

School Garden with WME:

I was able to travel out to the West Monona School Garden, and help lead a lesson with Katelyn (horticulture specialist at Woodbury) with some kids. I help them plant some seeds in the garden, and let them sample some cucumbers and radishes that we harvested for our office’s teaching garden. They also had a herb sniffing lesson as well!

me teaching some kids how to plant seeds

Kids in the Kitchen

We all had the opportunity to lead the Kids in the Kitchen camp this Thursday. It was so much fun teaching the kid many lessons including : knife skills, hand washing, and planting! It was a great way to also teach the kids how to make simple snacks using fresh fruits and vegetables.

rice cake pizzas!

Joi – germ activity with a blacklight

Check us out helping out with The Bike-N-Bite (register here!) this Saturday (July 14th) and the Farm to Fork Dinner (sold out!) next week! Be sure to check the Flavors of Northwest Iowa Facebook Page for updates on both of those events!


Tucker Hill Vineyards : Farm to Fork Dinner

Our summer is moving along almost way too fast…talk soon!



Region 5 is still rollin’ on

Rising Star Update!

The last few weeks have been crazy but filled with many many fun days. Here are some highlights since our last time chatting…

Visiting Omaha with Region 1:

We explored the Hope Gardens, and saw the amazing work that the Master Gardeners and others put into the garden. The extensive plots and pollinator garden included every plant and flower that you could imagine.

With the Region 1 interns!

Hope Garden signage with an abundance of beautiful growth

Cooper Farm Greenhouse tour

News talk with the KMEG Station:

We had the honor of tagging along with Woodbury’s Horticulture expert, Katelyn Brinkerhoff, and speak about Siouxlands Bike N’ Bite this past week. This great event, taking place on July 14th, is a great way to explore the hidden flavors of Siouxland while biking. Check out the interview below!

Register here! :

Camps (x 3) :

The past 2 weeks have been filled with tons of camps including: Mad Science Camp (level 1 and 2), Clover Kids Camp, and Kids in the Kitchen! We had the honor of helping out with all of these great camps, and also lead food demos for the kids.

experimenting with different bubble solutions and tools to make the biggest bubble!

elephant toothpaste experiment

It’s been quite the time so far this summer. Talk soon and thanks for checking in!