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Here at Science of Parenting, we believe in the power of parents who, when armed with trustworthy information, are better able to make decisions about what is best for their children and their family. Therefore, we offer parents access to current research around child-rearing so they can find the information when they need it most.


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  • Defining Parenting Styles (4/6/2020) - How we choose to parent our children may be reflective of how we ourselves were parented, or upon our own knowledge, or perhaps our wish to please our children and others around us. No matter the influence, identifying a parenting style that works for your family and is effective in providing the boundaries and safety … Continue reading Defining Parenting Styles
  • Slow Down (4/2/2020) - When both children and adults experience some type of stress, it often ends with an emotional outburst – sometimes from kids, and sometimes from parents, too. When it comes to these emotional meltdowns, who has the control – parents or kids? To find that answer, let’s look at a little research on brain development. Our … Continue reading Slow Down


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