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Here at Science of Parenting, we believe in the power of parents who, when armed with trustworthy information, are better able to make decisions about what is best for their children and their family. Therefore, we offer parents access to current research around child-rearing so they can find the information when they need it most.


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  • Outdoor Winter Walking (1/18/2019) - I’m not sure where you live, but in Iowa, it’s January and we are all preparing for a great snow fall! Children wait for the snow so that they can get outside and sled. Parents too, wait for the snow so that those same children will go outside. Being out of doors in the winter … Continue reading Outdoor Winter Walking
  • It’s Never Too Late to Say Thank You (12/28/2018) - For many families, the last week or so may have been filled with gift giving and celebrations including good food and holiday cheer. When others spend so much time, preparing just the right holiday celebration, a hearty thank you is in order! So before the New Year rings, how about helping your children learn the … Continue reading It’s Never Too Late to Say Thank You


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