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Here at Science of Parenting, we believe in the power of parents who, when armed with trustworthy information, are better able to make decisions about what is best for their children and their family. Therefore, we offer parents access to current research around child-rearing so they can find the information when they need it most.


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  • Don’t Bully, Be Friendly (9/11/2019) - The first few weeks of school have come and gone, and you may have had conversations about the classmates your children have interacted with whether playing at recess, sharing the lunch table or perhaps in reading circles. As your children spend more time away from home, they will engage with children who may or may … Continue reading Don’t Bully, Be Friendly
  • When is it Bullying? (9/4/2019) - As the school year begins, I am reminded that children may experience classmates who use bullying tactics to get what they want or need in the school setting. These situations may cause your child to feel upset and you might not even know why. According to information shared on there are two types of … Continue reading When is it Bullying?


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