Introduction to Science of Parenting Podcast

Welcome to the Science of Parenting. Doug and Mike explain the kinds of parenting topics they’re going to be talking about in this new monthly podcast. They say you might even hear scientific information that could make you a better parent and ultimately mean your children turn out OK.

Lori Korthals, M.S.

Mother of three. Lover of all things child development related. Fascinated by temperament and brain development. Professional background with families, child care providers, teachers and community service entities.

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6 thoughts on “Introduction to Science of Parenting Podcast

  1. A nice start to a hopefully informative podcast guys. But I don’t see it in iTunes so I can’t subscribe to it. When it’s available there, could someone please email me that it’s ready? Thanks and I wish you both well in the show.

  2. LOVE the Baby Einstein conversation!!! How insightful that ‘parent time’ was what helped the children learn and NOT the videos themselves!

  3. I totally agree, Lori. The TV is basically a neutral entity, it all comes (as always) down to the actual parenting involved…

  4. The feed shows up in iTunes, but the episodes are all 47 seconds long, so that’s not right. I tried directly adding your feed by the URL and that didn’t work either, so I think it’s something wrong with your feed. Once you get it fixed, can you also submit it to Stitcher? 😉 That’s where I like to listen to podcasts, since you don’t have to remember to check for updates and sync with a computer.

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