College Bound

It’s already nearing that time of year, when your child will leave the nest for the first time, and embark on a new journey.  Heading off to college for the first time is incredibly exciting, and incredibly nerve-racking, for both children and parents.  It is a huge change for everyone involved, and it requires careful preparation and navigation.

The University of Southern Florida came out with a great list of “Helpful Tips for Parents of College Students.”  You can read the entire list by clicking on the link, but I wanted to highlight just a few tips that, as a recent college student, my friends and/or I found to be crucial.

  • Come up with a communication plan. I can’t emphasize enough how important this is.  Each relationship is different, and each person has different expectations.  Before your child sets foot on a college campus, come up with a communication plan (phone, email, text) that you all can live with.
  • Do not worry excessively about the “down in the dumps” communications. As a college freshman, lots of things are changing, and change can be difficult.  Know that with new friends and new relationships at school, your child will likely turn to you at home for any “venting.”  Be patient with these communications, and work to stay cool.  Know that just by listening, your are a tremendous help to your child.
  • Care packages go a long way. Students love to know that you’re thinking of them, and especially love to get a batch of mom’s homemade cookies that they’ve missed so much! 🙂

What questions are on your mind as you prepare your child for his/her college adventure?

– Molly Luchtel, guest blogger

Donna Donald

Donna Donald is a Human Sciences specialist for Iowa State University Extension and Outreach who has spent her career working with families across the lifespan. She believes families are defined by function as well as form. Donna entered parenthood as a stepmother to three daughters and loves being a grandmother of seven young adults.

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