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Episode 14: Kids and Money

April 2nd, 2012

Giving an allowance, paying for chores, offering money as a reward for good grades: Are these successful parenting strategies? How to help children develop a healthy relationship with money is up for discussion in this month’s Science of Parenting podcast from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

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Lori Hayungs, M.S.

Lori Hayungs, M.S.

Mother of three. Lover of all things child development related. Fascinated by temperament and brain development. Professional background with families, child care providers, teachers and community service entities.

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  1. I really enjoyed your interview. The comments were very valuable and the concepts will definitely help children develop a good relationship with money as well as learn to become personally responsible over time. It would be wonderful if all parents could hear this while our children were still pre-schoolers.
    Thank you!

  2. Nancy – I’m glad you enjoyed the interview. Developing a good relationship with money is one of those life skills that can be learned early and used for a lifetime.