Science and Math in 4-H?

Of all the possible clubs and organizations parents and kids can choose to belong to, a 4-H club should be number one on the list. What do you know about 4-H? Some think it’s all about farms. And animals. Period.

We know it’s so much more. All the activities are and always have been STEM focused, meaning the members are engaged in science, technology, engineering and mathematic principles. Members of 4-H who belong to a 4-H club are immersed in STEM activities.

But, what if your child isn’t in 4-H? How about trying a summer camp? Most camps are open to all youth in the area. Those who attend will have much to write on “What did you do this summer?”

Examples of some camps ISU Extension and Outreach offer:

  • Robotics Camp I, II and III
  • KidWind
  • Free Style STEM
  • 1st Steps Vet Science
  • Explorations in Vet Science
  • Next Steps Vet Science
  • CSI:  Learn to Investigate
  • CSI:  Unsolved Mystery
  • Jelly Genes and DNA:  Biotechnology
  • Food Science
  • Green Thumbs, Dirty Fingers

Or, how about: photography camps, NASA Mars rover camp, nature STEM camps, sewing camps, explore medicine camps, and more. Many of the camps could not happen without community partnerships such as area hospitals, school science teachers, NASA astronauts (yes, really), and many more.

Want your child to Join 4-H? Contact a county office near you.

From guest blogger, Cindy Gannon, Northwest Iowa Marketing Coordinator

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