It Can Be Hard, but We Are Thankful

Happy African American girl holding 'I'm thankful' sign and looking at camera during Thanksgiving meal with her parents.

Around Thanksgiving time, we are surrounded with messages about thankfulness. As parents, people often remind us to fully enjoy the moments with our kids because time is fleeting. While there is truth to this, at Science of Parenting we want to look at research and REALITY. We recognize that raising children can be so rewarding, but we know there are times when it’s just plain hard.

We recently added another child to our family, and let me tell you, I am basking in sweet smiles, coos, and little milestones these days. But I’m also navigating some tough stuff like a nighttime waking, spending quality time with all my kids, and finding a new routine.  On the average day my feelings can flip from exhausted to ecstatic to emotional pretty quickly.

Even if you didn’t recently add another child to your family, most of us can relate to a mixed bag of feelings that parenting can bring. At Science of Parenting, we recognize the REALITY that sometimes parenting can be so hard. It can challenge us in ways we didn’t know were even possible. And then there are the moments that we are just lit up with joy from our children. For instance, my daughter recently mastered galloping, and watching her practice her new skill makes me smile daily. It’s such a simple thing, but it brings me so much joy!

So this Thanksgiving, Science of Parenting encourages you to find those parenting moments you feel grateful for, but it’s okay if that’s not every moment of every day. And when you are having those tough moments and questions, remember that Science of Parenting is full of resources you can explore. If you have a specific question, we have a hotline for home and family questions called Answerline (1-800-262-3804 in Iowa).


Mackenzie Johnson

Parent to a little one with her own quirks. Celebrator of the concept of raising kids “from scratch”. Learner and lover of the parent-child relationship. Translator of research with a dose of reality. Certified Family Life Educator.

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