Catch Them Doing Good!

It is the start of a New Year, which can mean, as a family we are trying to find resolutions or goals for our family to work toward! Parents who stay busy keeping up with their children know that schedules, chores and activities can create chaos if we don’t plan for how we are going to manage all the responsibilities. Perhaps one goal for the year, is to catch our family members doing well!

Mom is helping daughter with math homework, and they are high-fiving for a successful answer.

When children come home from school and begin work on their homework without being told; when kids remember to feed the dog or take the dog for a walk; or when Mom and Dad take turns completing household responsibilities, we tell them we appreciate them. We speak words of affirmation to family members for helping to keep the home both clean and peaceful.

When we find time to express our appreciation for the kindness that siblings show to one another, we know it will build good will in the family. When children see their parents sharing household responsibilities, they learn that everyone can contribute something to family life.

Compliments can bring such pleasure, that both kids and adults will want them repeated and will work harder to make sure that they are following through on their responsibilities. I know at times, it can be easier to focus on what is not getting accomplished, or we can focus on what is missing, rather than on the positive.

In the New Year, make your resolution, to catch others DOING GOOD, and spread the cheer all year long.

Barb Dunn Swanson

Barb Dunn Swanson

With two earned degrees from Iowa State University, Barb is a Human Sciences Specialist utilizing her experience working alongside communities to develop strong youth and families! With humor and compassion, she enjoys teaching, listening and learning to learn!

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