Season 7 Podcast: Temperament Across Ages

So every kid is different every stage of parenting has different tasks AND my child has different types of development? Then how do I know what is temperament and what is just “a phase”? These episodes answer that question and more by giving examples of what temperament traits might look and sound like at different developmental stages. And, of course, you’ll hear helpful, trustworthy strategies for how to meet your child’s unique needs based on their age and temperament gifts!

In the seventh season of the podcast, our cohosts, Lori and Mackenzie, explore research and reality on temperament traits at different ages. On this page, you’ll find an outline of the season’s content and a brief description of each episode.

S7: Ep. 1 – What is Temperament?
Our temperament is given to us genetically at birth. As we grow, our environment begins to form around our temperament. At each stage of growth, our temperament can shape how and when we reach our developmental milestones.

S7: Ep. 2 – Infant Inclinations
An infant’s temperament has an impact on early behaviors such as sleep, stranger anxiety, and overall general mood. Parents can learn their child’s temperament and create environments that play to their child’s natural tendencies instead of fighting against them.

S7: Ep. 3 – Toddler Tendencies
Biting, temper tantrums, and overall general mood…all affected by a toddler’s temperament. This week our hosts discuss each trait as they pertain to toddlers and how we can use that understanding to navigate tough behaviors… like those tricky tantrums!

S7: Ep. 4 – Preschooler Predisposition
Temperament impacts preschool behaviors such as play groups, physical activities, independence, and following directions. Parents can learn their child’s temperament and create environments that play to their child’s natural tendencies instead of struggling with them.

S7: Ep. 5 – School-ager Set Point
School-agers face many things that may bring out – or go up against – their natural set point. Homework, teacher/child interactions, friendships, organized activities… all times when their temperament can be noticed! Learn ways to help your 6 to 11-year-old navigate life through a temperament lens.

S7: Ep. 6 – Teen Traits
How do temperament traits play out in teens and pre-teens? They face hormone changes, friend drama, risk-taking, and more… all while dealing with their “factory settings.” Hear how we can help our teens balance their temperament with their daily environment!

S7: Ep. 7 – Speaking on Special Needs & Temperament
Children with diverse abilities or special needs have temperament traits too.  Many techniques that work for adapting to diverse needs can be used to work with your child’s temperament too (and vice versa)! Goodness of fit is important!

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