Parenting in Challenging Moments

Every parent has their own approach to guidance and discipline, and chances are you’ve received plenty of advice (or maybe even criticism) about what you should be doing with your children. Regardless of what strategies you choose, here at Science of Parenting we promote one basic technique that every parent can use, we call it…

Stop. Breathe. Talk.

The concept is simple, and it can be used in nearly every parenting situation.

Stop. Take a moment to think about how you really want to respond to your child.

Breathe. Consider what is happening with your emotions. Take a deep breath or two to calm down.

Talk. Once you have gathered your thoughts, be intentional with your words to help guide your child toward the outcome you really want.

Guidance and discipline, when intentionally planned in thought and action, can be effective for your family. Look through our resources to see how you can be purposeful with your child.

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