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Helping people to expand their potential is our goal in the College of Human Sciences at Iowa State University. We are driven by a passion to help people so we study every aspect of their daily lives. How they learn, eat, exercise, spend money, vacation, stay well and even how they dress! Learn about some of the college’s latest projects and research news.

Currently, Science of Parenting and Human Sciences staff have been educating communities about the research surrounding Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and their impact on parenting.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) – What are they?

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are traumatic events that can dramatically upset a child’s sense of safety and well-being. They include:


Household Challenges



Mental Illness
Incarcerated Relative
Mother treated violently
Substance Abuse
Parental Separation or Divorce


Our two most important findings are that these adverse childhood experiences: are vastly more common than recognized or acknowledged and have a powerful relation to adult health a half-century later. – Dr. Vincent Felitti, co-investigator of The Original ACE Study

Your ACE Score

What does your ACE score have to do with parenting? Quite a bit actually. Our experiences as a child shape not only our overall health but how we learn to care for others. If we can begin to understand how what happened to us as children, we can begin to move forward with resiliency.


It is important to know that all of us have the power to change the impact of our ACE score. Resiliency is the KEY! Parenting resources help to fill our ‘Resiliency Toolbox’. These resources can help you learn more about ACEs research and building RESILIENCE in you, your family, and your communities.

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