The Science of Parenting Podcast

If you follow along with us on social media, you may have noticed our team ‘teasing’ an upcoming project. Last week in the blog, I mentioned a few resolutions for March, which was also a teaser for that same project.

We have an announcement … We’re launching a podcast!

Thanks for continuing to follow along with us on our journey as we bring you information in new and exciting ways!

You’ll be able to listen to us on Thursdays weekly in any podcast feed, as well as watch us on Facebook. We’re also going LIVE Thursday once per month at 12:15 p.m.!

We’ll continue our blog posts, which will align with our weekly podcasts.

So where can you find us?

Mackenzie DeJong

Aunt of four unique kiddos. Passionate about figuring how small brains develop, process, and differ. Human Sciences Specialist, Family Life in western Iowa with a B.S. in Family and Consumer Sciences and Design minor.

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