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Here at the Science of Parenting, we believe in the power of parents. We KNOW that when armed with trustworthy information, parents are better able to make decisions about what is best for their children and their family.

Our blog contains short, sweet, and sometimes humorous posts around current issues in parenting. We want to share parenting research when you need it most. So explore our blog posts … where research and reality merge.

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  • Try This Trick to Improve Family Communication (5/26/2020) - While families continue to find themselves together under one roof, as they are “staying home”, it may be the time to involve everyone in a family meeting. Family meetings are a great way to communicate honestly with one another and can help all members feel safe during these very uncertain times. Routines have shifted, school … Continue reading Try This Trick to Improve Family Communication
  • Enjoy the Joys! (5/21/2020) - As we get closer to the end of our first season, we find ourselves reflecting on the role of parenting being a tough one. Tough yes, but so worth it as well. Our research tidbits from one of the largest studies of the joys and problems in child-rearing revealed that by and large, parents get … Continue reading Enjoy the Joys!
  • It’s Okay to Ask for Help if You Need It (5/19/2020) - The last few months, we have focused quite a few blogs on parenting amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope you have found our tips and strategies helpful so far. However, we recognize that some parents and children may still be feeling overwhelmed. Maybe you feel like tips and strategies are enough to get you through … Continue reading It’s Okay to Ask for Help if You Need It
  • Just Say No to Judgment (5/14/2020) - My reality is not your reality. But somehow I still want you to think I’m a good parent. Ugh. Parenting can be so hard when we are always WONDERING if others view us as competent. This week’s podcast dives into the judgment zone. Research tells us that 9 in 10 parents feel judged (90% of … Continue reading Just Say No to Judgment
  • Positive Coping Strategies for Kids (5/12/2020) - Has your family had lots of questions about the most recent corona virus pandemic? If you follow the news stations, they will provide information around the clock. We don’t all interpret what we are hearing in the same way, so having honest conversations, at the level that individual family members can understand is important. The … Continue reading Positive Coping Strategies for Kids
  • Practice Not Perfect (5/7/2020) - This week our podcast shares the reality that sometimes as parents we lose our cool. We’ll share how to get back and reconnect with our children after our emotions get the best of us. A Zero to Three National Parent Survey revealed that 40% of parents reported they wished they could do a better job … Continue reading Practice Not Perfect
  • How to Help Kids Cope and Contribute during COVID-19 (5/5/2020) - The new “normal” that many families have endured recently includes limiting their time engaging with friends and neighbors in an attempt to practice social distancing. This experience is probably very new for many people. Not only is it new, but it can also be very lonely and disappointing. Children who want to play with friends, … Continue reading How to Help Kids Cope and Contribute during COVID-19
  • Keys to Cooperation (4/30/2020) - We hope you were able to join us for our second Facebook LIVE, but if not, we have shared it with you here! The last several weeks we have been talking about more parenting foundations such as slowing down, defining our parenting styles, managing meltdowns and keeping our head. If you missed any take a … Continue reading Keys to Cooperation
  • Time to Check in With Your Teens – Resource List (4/28/2020) - Science of Parenting Parenting in the Midst of COVID-19 Talking to Your Kids Who Are Missing Out on Big Moments Relationships SFP 10-14 4-H Broad Extension Resources Iowa Concern Hotline 1-800-447-1985 24 hours/day, 7 days/week FINDING ANSWERS NOW
  • In the Heat of a Meltdown (4/23/2020) - Navigating emotional responses to behavior is an important parenting skill. Children reveal many messages through behaviors and even meltdowns. Parents who explore the “why” of the meltdown, will learn many lessons that children are eager to reveal. Regulating our emotions is not always an easy task. As adults, our early experiences shape the way we … Continue reading In the Heat of a Meltdown
  • How To Talk with Kids about COVID-19 (4/21/2020) - We are parenting in an unprecedented time, and that means our kids have unprecedented questions and concerns. Knowing how much to tell them is seriously tough. What is appropriate to tell my three year old? And what am I supposed to tell my school-ager who wants to go over to a friend’s house? And how … Continue reading How To Talk with Kids about COVID-19
  • How to Manage Meltdowns (4/16/2020) - The process of growing from childhood into adulthood is filled with milestones! We celebrate the birth of a child, the first steps, new teeth, first words, and then we discover the first meltdown, or perhaps a full-blown temper tantrum. Children need the help of the adults in their life to help them manage the big … Continue reading How to Manage Meltdowns

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