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Here at the Science of Parenting, we believe in the power of parents. We KNOW that when armed with trustworthy information, parents are better able to make decisions about what is best for their children and their family.

Our blog contains short, sweet, and sometimes humorous posts around current issues in parenting. We want to share parenting research when you need it most. So explore our blog posts … where research and reality merge.

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  • Responding to Everyday Emotional Reactions in School Age Children (7/16/2018) - You know those moments when your kids have mild negative emotional reactions – like when your school age child whines about doing homework, gets in your face to MAKE you look at something, or has a little attitude about cleaning up a mess? These little emotionally charged moments aren’t a huge dispute, and they don’t … Continue reading Responding to Everyday Emotional Reactions in School Age Children
  • Insights on Childhood Trauma with Dr. Carl Weems (7/2/2018) - With the large amount of information regarding childhood trauma in both print and digital media, we at Science of Parenting took a moment to tap into our experts as way to ensure parents had valid and reliable information when it comes to the impacts of trauma and toxic stress on the developing brains of children and … Continue reading Insights on Childhood Trauma with Dr. Carl Weems
  • Tough talks about relationships (6/26/2018) - One of the changes we wanted to make with Science of Parenting was the idea of being able to talk to children about tough topics – especially around relationships. At times we struggle just talking to other adults about tough relationship topics (ie. divorce, co-parenting, broken relationships), so might we be able to say that … Continue reading Tough talks about relationships
  • Music and Child Development (5/23/2018) - We’ve talked about music in terms of resilience and mental health – but what other benefits can children gain from experiencing music? According the Environmental Rating Scales Institute, children can gain language skills, fine motor skills, social skills, balance and coordination, expressing emotions, creativity, a sense of rhythm, and listening skills through music and movement. … Continue reading Music and Child Development
  • Music and Mental Health (5/17/2018) - Last week, I spoke of a lyric in a song that sparked an entire blog post. That idea is the perfect lead into what I wanted to write about this week, as May is Mental Health Awareness Month – music as a tool to help regulate emotions and support mental health. As someone who has … Continue reading Music and Mental Health
  • Music and Resilience (5/10/2018) - This morning as I was driving to work, I was listening to the new song, “Youth,” by Shawn Mendes and Khalid. The lyrics spoke about feeling hopeless but not letting pain turn to hate, which really hit me in relation to the last few blogs. The words made me think about experiencing situations that might … Continue reading Music and Resilience
  • #GreatChildhoods Starting at Home (5/2/2018) - As we mentioned before, last month was Child Abuse Prevention month, and Science of Parenting is still thinking this important conversation. As you know, as Science of Parenting, we like to talk about research and reality. So that’s how we’ve decide to break this down. RESEARCH The research on abuse- whether physical, sexual, or emotional- … Continue reading #GreatChildhoods Starting at Home
  • Busy Families can create #GreatChildhoods (4/23/2018) - April is Child Abuse Prevention month, which means Science of Parenting is thinking about what makes #GreatChildhoods. For me, I fondly remember singing in the car with my mom, standing on the end of the grocery cart, weekends by the lake, and doing lots of puzzles. As much as we love our kids, sometimes it feels … Continue reading Busy Families can create #GreatChildhoods
  • SANE consequences (3/23/2018) - We’ve been talking a lot about challenging behavior lately. And yeah, even us Science of Parenting folks have children who challenge us! Today we want to look at how we can respond to challenging behavior. Maybe your preschooler has been testing out new lies, or your school age child has been skipping homework, or your preteen … Continue reading SANE consequences
  • Same Girl, Different Year (2/27/2018) - Recently, I attended a professional development opportunity on the DiSC personality profile, which categorizes you into one of four areas – dominance, influence, conscientiousness, and steadiness (read more about specifics here: ). The day consisted of activities that better helped us to understand our personality type, the type of those with whom we work, … Continue reading Same Girl, Different Year
  • Don’t Judge Me! I’m Busy Parenting! (2/13/2018) - Do you ever get the feeling people watch your every move and judge you? Well sometimes, while parenting, we can feel people’s eyes on us as we interact with our children. And, it is wonderful when our interactions with our children are positive, but that is not every day. We all have days that we … Continue reading Don’t Judge Me! I’m Busy Parenting!
  • Did you say STRESS? (2/2/2018) - We have been talking teens, and that means we may also need to talk about the “s” word…also known as STRESS! While stress can take many forms and it can be considered both positive and negative, all of us, at one time or another, have probably experienced stress! You know the feeling, your heart starts … Continue reading Did you say STRESS?

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