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  • I Love My Child. I Love My Child… (1/8/2018) - “I love my child. I love my child. I love my child.” Seriously, I do love my child, but sometimes I have to remind myself in the heat of the moment. For example, right now my daughter is in this phase where she stands at my feet screaming while I try to cook supper. It […]
  • Family Finances in the New Year (12/29/2017) - As the New Year approaches, are you writing down some goals or resolutions? Each year, I try to identify one or two new things I want to try, or do differently. I often use the beginning of the New Year to adjust my savings strategy so that I can also meet my goal of having […]
  • Home and School Connections (12/19/2017) - Over the next several weeks, many children will be taking a ‘break’ from school. Often times I use this break to catch up with my girls’ school calendars, activities and classroom connections. I guess it’s my way to plan for the New Year. As you look ahead to this break, might I suggest that it […]
  • Baby-Led Weaning – Just the Facts! (12/7/2017) - Have you all been hearing as much about baby-led weaning as we have? We decided it’s time for us to take a look at hot topic! To start us off, let’s first look at two common methods for introducing foods to an infant.                          […]
  • Nutrition and Wellness for Families (12/4/2017) -   Human Sciences Extension and Outreach has three subject areas, including Nutrition and Wellness, which covers a variety of topics from what’s on your plate to food safety to preservation to exercise. Some of these apply to families, some address aging, and some are adult specific. One of our best tools for nutrition that is […]
  • Gift Giving at the Holidays (11/20/2017) - As the holiday season approaches, many of us find ourselves looking at the calendar and making checklists, of things that require our attention, like baking; cleaning; holiday school programs, and gift shopping. If you are someone who has a list of people that you shop for at the holidays, then this time of year is […]
  • The Modern Family… are we doing okay? (11/15/2017) - We often tend to think of the “traditional American family” as being two married parents with 1.5 children, and the whole white picket fence thing. But actually we see that two-parent families have been declining over the last few years. We’re seeing changes in the size of modern families as well as the family structure. […]
  • Not Just a Blog Any More… (11/10/2017) - Throughout the last couple of months, as you’ve visited the Science of Parenting Blog, you may have noticed some changes. We’ve had many conversations about what we, the Science of Parenting team, want to provide to you based on feedback we’ve received, and the overwhelming feeling was to not just provide blog posts, but also […]
  • Halloween Snacking (10/24/2017) - It is that time of year, you know, the time when families hunt for the perfect Halloween costume, or the best treat to distribute next week! Because many families have a desire to eat more healthy, they may be making better decisions about the “treats” they provide, as costume clad children knock on the door. […]
  • Disaster Preparation and Safety (9/15/2017) - We are happy to have Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Family Finance Specialist and guest blogger Barb Wollan to share information related to safety and preparation during times of disaster. September is Disaster Preparedness Month. Recent news about hurricane damage provides a sobering reminder of the importance of being prepared. Here in the Midwest, […]
  • When the News is Scary (8/17/2017) - It might be easy to assume that young ones are not impacted by tragic events in other parts of the country, but children have a keen sense of radar and pick up on adults’ body language, conversations and news media stories. Our guest blogger, Malisa Rader, suggests parents be reassuring, monitor their TV viewing when […]
  • Routines Promote Healthy Emotional Development (8/11/2017) - I catch a glimpse of the calendar and know that school will begin shortly, and that means many families will get back into a routine that will include hustle and bustle to get family members to school, day care, work, and sporting events. For children, settling into a routine that includes school, homework, sports, playtime […]