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  • Are we even communicating? (3/15/2019)- Talk. Conversation. Communication. My last blogs on talk and conversation led me to communication. Have you ever asked this “Are we even communicating?” Or how about “Is anything I’m saying getting through?” As parents I KNOW you have asked yourself this at least one time. Communication can almost be a four letter word, right? Every … Continue reading Are we even communicating?
  • We need to have a conversation (3/7/2019)- Talk. Conversation. Communication. My last blog hinted that I had some things to say about these three words. We started with Talk. Now we need to have a conversation. Sometimes as adults we struggle when it comes to having a big conversation with our children. Do we tell our children the bad news? Should we … Continue reading We need to have a conversation
  • Can we talk? (2/20/2019)- Talking. Conversation. Communication. I have been having some thoughts on those three words recently, so I thought I might come here to share them with you. This may take several posts but I don’t think I’m the only one with these thoughts. Talking. Let’s start with the obvious one. And let’s just go ahead and … Continue reading Can we talk?
  • Understanding Temperament Helps with Family Relationships (2/7/2019)- Guest blogger Malisa Rader, Human Sciences Specialist, shares insight on supporting children’s temperament.   Children’s temperament develops early in life and is influenced by genetics and experiences. When parents have an understanding of their child’s unique temperament, they can tailor their approach to best meet their child’s needs. Think about different babies you have held. … Continue reading Understanding Temperament Helps with Family Relationships
  • Help we are all inside-TOGETHER! Stop. Breathe. Talk. (1/30/2019)- Those of us here at the Science of Parenting are snuggled deep in our blankets and sweaters. Realizing that most of you probably were too, we decided that it might be a good time to revisit the idea of Stop. Breathe. Talk. With the long cold spell and the possibility of cancelled events and schools … Continue reading Help we are all inside-TOGETHER! Stop. Breathe. Talk.
  • Outdoor Winter Walking (1/18/2019)- I’m not sure where you live, but in Iowa, it’s January and we are all preparing for a great snow fall! Children wait for the snow so that they can get outside and sled. Parents too, wait for the snow so that those same children will go outside. Being out of doors in the winter … Continue reading Outdoor Winter Walking
  • It’s Never Too Late to Say Thank You (12/28/2018)- For many families, the last week or so may have been filled with gift giving and celebrations including good food and holiday cheer. When others spend so much time, preparing just the right holiday celebration, a hearty thank you is in order! So before the New Year rings, how about helping your children learn the … Continue reading It’s Never Too Late to Say Thank You
  • The Language of Money (12/14/2018)- As we continue our conversation with Human Sciences Family Finance Specialist Mary Weinand, she reminds us how important financial literacy is and even recommends a few children’s books. I believe financial literacy is like any other language and like any other language we need to hear it often to understand it. Young children learn best … Continue reading The Language of Money
  • Keep it Fiscally Healthy this Holiday Season (12/6/2018)-  Guest blogger Mary Weinand, Human Sciences Specialist, shares some important helpful ideas for fiscal health this holiday season. Each year at Holiday season we are flooded with articles and advice on how to “stay healthy” with all the choices we have and the opportunities to overindulge. Well, the advice we hear to maintain our physical … Continue reading Keep it Fiscally Healthy this Holiday Season
  • Celebrating Thanksgiving (11/16/2018)- As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, Science of Parenting would like to offer you a few resources to assist you in creating a memorable holiday for your family. Many families celebrate Thanksgiving by preparing foods that are not only traditional but that are meaningful to members of the family. Recipes passed down through the generations and … Continue reading Celebrating Thanksgiving
  • Developing Conflict Resolution Skills (11/9/2018)- One of the goals many parents have for their children, is to watch them grow into independent young people. Independence, however, comes with its own set of challenges. Children, from a young age, want to do things “on their own”. Watching a crawler, learn to stand, or perhaps even take a step is exciting. Mastery … Continue reading Developing Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Practice Kindness Today (11/2/2018)-   We thank our guest blogger, Cheryl Clark, a human sciences specialist with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach for reminding us about kindness and its impact on those around us! Another day, another act of incivility, anger or violence. Ever-pervasive attitudes of self-centeredness and disregard for others seem to symbolize our times. But what … Continue reading Practice Kindness Today

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