How to Navigate Making COVID-19 Decisions

I don’t know about you folks, but I have been exhausted lately. Getting ready to go back to school, navigating new expectations and norms, and living in a pandemic all adds up. On top of all of that, as parents, we are constantly making decisions for our families. “What should we eat this week?” “When … Continue reading How to Navigate Making COVID-19 Decisions

How to Help Kids Cope and Contribute during COVID-19

The new “normal” that many families have endured recently includes limiting their time engaging with friends and neighbors in an attempt to practice social distancing. This experience is probably very new for many people. Not only is it new, but it can also be very lonely and disappointing. Children who want to play with friends, … Continue reading How to Help Kids Cope and Contribute during COVID-19

How To Talk with Kids about COVID-19

We are parenting in an unprecedented time, and that means our kids have unprecedented questions and concerns. Knowing how much to tell them is seriously tough. What is appropriate to tell my three year old? And what am I supposed to tell my school-ager who wants to go over to a friend’s house? And how … Continue reading How To Talk with Kids about COVID-19

Parenting in the Midst of COVID-19

If you’ve been following us, you know that our passion is providing parents like you with research-based information for your family. With concern around COVID-19, we’ve identified some trustworthy resources to help you navigate this ever-changing situation. COVID-19 Facts FAQs Coronavirus and Children Tips for Encouraging Handwashing with Kids Steps to Prevent Illness and Protect … Continue reading Parenting in the Midst of COVID-19

Changes to CDC Milestones

With the recent changes to the CDC’s milestone checklists, we know that some parents have had questions about what changed, why they changed them, and what it means for their family. We will give you the overview here, but check out our bonus podcast episode to get more in-depth answers and information! What happened? In … Continue reading Changes to CDC Milestones

Reflecting for Resilience

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted children and families in a variety of ways, both positively and negatively. You might wonder, how could families be impacted positively by a pandemic?  I can report, from responses to a questionnaire collected prior to delivering a webinar on pandemic parenting by members of the Science of Parenting team, many … Continue reading Reflecting for Resilience

Resilience in Tough Times

During this past year, the Covid-19 Pandemic created unforeseen circumstances for many families. Parents and children found themselves at home together, parents working from home, and children participating in virtual school. While all families may have been impacted, the ways in which they were able to cope with those events could be attributed in part … Continue reading Resilience in Tough Times

Revisiting ‘Missing Out on the Big Moments’

Earlier this spring, when the word “pandemic” was still relatively new to our vocabulary, our team released a bonus episode on Missing Out on the Big Moments. We were hearing about the emotional toll that missing out on events and rites of passage was having on our kids. Now, several months down the road, this … Continue reading Revisiting ‘Missing Out on the Big Moments’

Revisiting ‘How to Find Balance’

Each year, the holidays bring a rich set of traditions for many families. This year however, while living with the Covid-19 pandemic, our family traditions may take on a new reality. Instead of large gatherings, we may have smaller intimate gatherings. Instead of spending time together in one home, we may gather around our computers … Continue reading Revisiting ‘How to Find Balance’

Revisiting ‘In the Heat of a Meltdown’

Regulating our emotions is not always an easy task. As adults, our early experiences shape the way we respond to adversity or challenges. We must be aware that the kids around us are watching how we respond, react, or behave when faced with challenges. Especially now, during times of pandemic, as our routines and schedules … Continue reading Revisiting ‘In the Heat of a Meltdown’

Have the conversation…now

Wow, it is August! Each year, right at this time, families begin carefully thinking about the beginning of a new school year! They may be curious about school teachers; school supplies; transportation; sporting events; and after-school programming. Well this year, as a nation, we are experiencing the unexpected! We are experiencing a pandemic that is … Continue reading Have the conversation…now

It’s Okay to Ask for Help if You Need It

The last few months, we have focused quite a few blogs on parenting amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope you have found our tips and strategies helpful so far. However, we recognize that some parents and children may still be feeling overwhelmed. Maybe you feel like tips and strategies are enough to get you through … Continue reading It’s Okay to Ask for Help if You Need It

Time to Check in With Your Teens – Resource List

Science of Parenting Parenting in the Midst of COVID-19 Talking to Your Kids Who Are Missing Out on Big Moments Relationships SFP 10-14 4-H Broad Extension Resources Iowa Concern Hotline 1-800-447-1985 24 hours/day, 7 days/week FINDING ANSWERS NOW

Guilt Free Routines

Routines – this word may make you feel confident or queasy. Simply put, Wolin & Bennett back in 1984 defined family routines as “patterned interactions that are repeated over time”. Those things we do regularly because we have to do them and often don’t give too much thought to. Notice this definition is NOT saying … Continue reading Guilt Free Routines

Limiting Media Blasts When it’s Overwhelming

The new “normal” during the COVID-19 pandemic is round the clock briefings on how fast and furious the virus is spreading. The details can be too much for many, including children. Even adults can be overwhelmed with the hourly updates provided by every news outlet, on radio and even on social media. Because there is … Continue reading Limiting Media Blasts When it’s Overwhelming