VPEO Strategic Initiatives

As part of our program portfolio we initiate programs that strategically integrate resources across the university and land-grant system and are multi-disciplinary, diversified, and address signature issues. Through the Vice President for Extension and Outreach Strategic Initiatives process, funding is provided to innovative projects and programs which through their development will strengthen our overall portfolio.

2015 Mid-Year Progress Reports
(Posted in December 2015)

FY14 Projects

FY13 Projects

FY12 Projects


2014 Year-End Reports

2014 Midyear Progress Reports

The objectives of the VPEO Strategic Initiatives are to create opportunities to encourage innovative projects and programs which through their development will strengthen the overall portfolio of Extension and Outreach and focus on signature issues and operational efficiencies.  These initiatives are primarily directed at executing sustainable improvements in our program that will

  • enhance the quality and accessibility of research-based education,
  • improve efficiency of implementation,
  • build productive collaborations and economies of scale, and
  • support programmatic success along the needs assessment, program development and design, implementation, and impact evaluation chain and professional growth of our organization.

To receive funding, projects or programs must address statewide needs. They must go beyond the fundamental program areas funded with our base budgets to truly allow us to meet the needs of ISU Extension and Outreach clients moving forward.

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