Am I spending too much at the grocery store?

Last fall my sister asked me how much I thought she should be spending on groceries (it turns out her husband thought she was spending too much).

That’s a really hard one to answer; and, I sure didn’t want to get in the middle of an argument. Spending on food varies because of many factors including values and resources (time, money and skills).

I recommended my sister get on the Internet and Google “Cost of Food at Home.” I told her to check out the USDA Food Plans and see how what she was spending compared. I also agreed to look at her grocery receipts to see if I could suggest ways to save (more on that in a later posting).

If you would like to get an estimate of USDA’s Low-cost Plan, we have an online calculator that will do the math for you. Check out figure your food dollar on our Spend Smart. Eat Smart. web page. You will need the age, gender and number of meals eaten away from home for each person.

– pointers by Peggy

6 thoughts on “Am I spending too much at the grocery store?

  1. Just thought I would add a money saving tip for mom’s of babies starting to eat solid foods. We did this so I pasted it on to my daughter, home made baby food. I would use the jars for day care or traveling but when at home, only home made. It’s very easy, mainly what ever you are fixing for your meal, or in addition to such as sweet potatoes, green beans, various items just need to go in the blender on puree and there you have it home made baby food. My grandson likes it much better than the jar items. She spent $7.00 this weekend and made almost 2 weeks worth of food for him.

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