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More on low cost non-food items

February 1, 2010

Remember last week, Amanda wrote that in Central Iowa laundry detergent prices don’t always follow traditional advice. The unit price of one name brand laundry detergent was less than the store brand, and laundry detergent at the grocery stores wasn’t higher than the big box stores.

When we looked at other non-food products, we found:

  • Some name brands are the same unit price wherever you buy them (Bounty), while for others (Kleenex, Dawn, Colgate), the name brands vary between stores.
  • Store brands are less expensive on facial tissue and liquid dish soap.
  • Some toothpastes are four or more times more expensive than others.

What did I learn from this? Low cost for laundry soap is around $0.07 per load, facial tissues can be purchased for about half a penny each, liquid dish soap runs around $0.05 per ounce, and toothpaste about $0.16 per ounce.

I will try the low price items and see if they perform up to my expectations. Also, now that I know the unit price for these items, I can compare sale prices to see if they are really bargains.


 -pointers from Peggy

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