It’s fall and soup’s on

This month’s featured recipe, 3-Can Chili,  is one of my “Go-To” recipes. You know what I mean—the ones that you know by heart, make often, and everyone likes. Plus, you can have this one on the table in about 20 minutes. To lower the cost, I buy canned tomatoes, canned beans, and frozen corn when they are on sale. I use my price book so I know a good price and try never to buy full price.

The variations for 3-Bean Chili are endless. You can vary the types of canned beans you use, or cook dry beans, rehydrating them for an inexpensive meal. You can use fresh tomatoes which would lower the sodium; add fresh chili peppers or canned Mexican-style tomatoes to increase the heat; use canned or frozen corn; add cooked and drained ground turkey or beef; etc.

I like to make a batch and freeze individual portions to take for lunch at work. Sometimes after it is heated, I add a tablespoon or two of shredded cheese, or plain yogurt. The soup, apple, and milk make a great lunch!

-pointers from Peggy

2 thoughts on “It’s fall and soup’s on

  1. I continue to enjoy your weekly newsletter. I’m mentioning it in a nutrition talk that I will give next week for women at my church. Your recipe looks delicious but I only see 2 beans listed, not 3. Is there one missing or did the corn get counted as a bean?

    Also, just a quick “tidy-up” on your website. Under “resources”, Recipes is misspelled it says “recipies”.

  2. Thanks for the note Kathy. Actually when the recipe was being developed we simplified it and changed, but the name didn’t get changed. Also thanks for the head-up on the misspelling. Peggy

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