Six Scarily-Easy Ways to Save

Halloween is a fun time of year for all ages, but the holiday can be hard on budgets and waistlines. How do we get into the spooky spirit without breaking the bank or our belts? Here are some tips:

  1. Do not make the focus entirely on candy. Distract your kids with other activities like making masks, decorating the house with cobwebs, bobbing for apples, going to corn mazes and/or haunted houses.
  2. Check stores, online, and in newspapers for coupons. Most major stores will have specials in their circulars the week before Halloween as well. When you combine coupons and specials you can save even more.
  3. Think creatively. You do not HAVE to give out candy, and the alternatives can be cheaper and healthier. For example: one bag of 144 spider rings costs about $5.00, or a package of 100 glow sticks costs about $9.00. Both are healthier alternatives, and who doesn’t love glow sticks or spider rings!?
  4. Compare prices before you buy. Look at the unit count in the bag of candy before you buy it. Sometimes a 14 unit count bag costs the same as a 21 unit count bag (see Price per Unit chart). When the prices are the same, it is easy to see which bag has a better value (just check the unit count), but you can ALWAYS figure out the value of a purchase by figuring out the unit price (divide the price by the unit count).
  5. Do not be afraid to run out of candy. Some people buy way too much and then end up with all that candy left over plus what their kids bring home!
  6. Have some control over candy consumption. Do not be too strict (let your kids enjoy the holiday), but have some kind of plan in place to control their intake of candy.

Rebecca Brotzman, RD, LDN

3 thoughts on “Six Scarily-Easy Ways to Save

  1. Coupons coupons coupons, they are indeed a good way to save. Interestingly enough, that’s why sites like Groupon exists, but that’s for a good cause though, as they really is a good way to cut back on expenses!

  2. There’s also a thing called 80-10-10 system wherein you allot 80% of what you earn per month to your life spending, those that are essential to one’s living. The 10% donated to your charity or to your church and the other 10% allotted for personal savings in case of emergency.

    Believe me, it’s as effective as these six tips you’ve given!

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