Organizing your kitchen

Organizing your kitchen will save you time and stress (any time of the year, but especially when we are doing lots of extra holiday cooking).

It is so much easier to prepare food when you do not have to hunt for tools, ingredients, or dishes.  It takes less time to prepare and clean up when you can see what is in a cupboard or drawer.

Here are a few things I try to do:

  1. Figure out how many plastic grocery bags, empty disposable containers, rubber spatulas, measuring spoons, etc. I really need.  I toss or give away the extras and do not add to my collection until I am below the number needed.
  2. If I have not used something in over a year, I probably do not need it (just like clothes in your closet). I just gained space by clearing out a top shelf of special glasses that I cannot reach and rarely use.
  3. Store things I only use once a year, such as coolers, roaster pans, grill equipment, waffle iron, and special serving dishes, in the storeroom or garage.
  4. Store things close to where they will be used and with other things they will be used with.  For example, I have baking supplies, measuring cups and spoons stored together close to the mixer and baking pans.
  5. Do not buy special gadgets that are used for only one purpose.  The Simple Dollar had a great blog on “stuff”.   More stuff equates to lost $$, time buying, cleaning, getting rid of the stuff, and you eventually need more space/bigger kitchen to store.

Organize your KitchenThink about your own kitchen, as eating habits change and children grow up. If you want more ideas for organizing your kitchen and reducing clutter, check out these websites:

Save time with an organized kitchen

University of Illinois:
Dealing with Clutter

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  2. I would have liked to see you advise to recycle or reuse plastic bags and disposables…rather than further fill landfills. Thanks!

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