Spending Less and Eating Healthier: Part 3 of 3


Almost every day I notice an article about how to save at the grocery store.  We have many of those tips summarized on the SpendSmart.EatSmart website.

Compare unit prices for best buy explains unit pricing and how it can save you money.  A free step by step lesson will make you a whiz at finding the best buy.

Aisle by aisle tips tells the best buys in each food group, how much you need for good health, and how to store food so it will not spoil.  You can also get a concise buying guide from our PDFs called Spend Smart basics on the lower right of each of the aisles pages.




2 thoughts on “Spending Less and Eating Healthier: Part 3 of 3

  1. This comment from the frozen foodie about organic pizza says “meaning the cheese has no added hormones and is free of synthetic antibiotics — important because some research suggests that antibiotics in meat and dairy may contribute to antibiotic resistance in people.” has me wondering if the writer knows that each batch of producer milk is tested for antibiotics; if positive it is discarded and the producer pays for the whole tanker of milk. This is the law. Farming is not a lucrative occupation, there is not enough money in it to be producing milk you can’t be paid for.

  2. I am working on marketing my website beefstew.ca. So far it is paying off.

    I really like what you had to offer here in your comments. Good food and good health are so very very closely linked.

    I wish I would have started sooner.

    Robert McLean

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