Energy Bars- are they worth it?

A food that seems to be gaining popularity is “energy bars.”  I think of them as candy bars with good marketing.  Is my bias showing?

Ok, I have to admit they are handy and can help you get nutrients … but only if the bar you are eating has the nutrients you need.  Many of these “energy bars” have just as many or MORE calories than a candy bar. Plus many of them COST MORE as well.

A healthier and cheaper alternative is to choose foods like nuts, fruit, crackers, yogurt, and string cheese after a workout, for the middle of the morning or during an afternoon slump.
Becky Hand, RD, has a great article at Spark People called, Edible Energy Bars.  She gives pointers for choosing energy bars whether you are eating them as meal replacements, afternoon snacks or workout fuel.


3 thoughts on “Energy Bars- are they worth it?

  1. Thanks Peggy! You confirmed what I tell myself when tempted by the slick advertising and convenience of energy bars – fresher foods are a healthier choice and better value and simply tastier! 🙂

  2. Im doing good on my spending. But this was very helpful and so true that I do need to stick to my list…

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