Can I Go Too?

As I was reading the blog Peggy wrote about tracking expenses last week, one line stood out to me more than any other, “I really need to follow my own advice.”  After my most recent trip to the grocery store, I was thinking the same thing.

Usually, my son and I go to the grocery store every Friday morning.  I like to shop at that time because it is quiet and I can get in and out quickly.  I do not have to worry about taking my son to the grocery store; he just sits back and enjoys the ride in the cart.

The problem came this past Friday when my husband had the day off of work.  Even though I knew better, I invited him to join us for our weekly shopping trip.  Many people have trouble with their children asking for treats or sneaking extra food into the cart.  Not me.  My husband is the one who does that.  I spent $15 more than usual!

If I spent an extra $15 each week at the grocery store, that would be $780 per year.  What could your family do with an extra $780 per year?  I can think of a few things that we could do.  So, I have learned my lesson this time, I need to follow my own advice and let my husband sleep in on his day off while my son and I go to the grocery store.




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Justine Hoover, MS, RD, LD

6 thoughts on “Can I Go Too?

  1. It’s the opposite in my family. I do nearly all of the grocery shopping, but when my wife goes she nearly always spends more than I do. I will admit, she’s more price conscious about individual items, but she will usually buy more when she goes. An extra $800 year would be really nice. And when you break it down to $15 per shopping trip, it’s not too hard to manage really.

  2. I can’t believe the prices at the grocery store right now. I know the drought is supposedly causing some of the increases, but I spent like $50 more than normal, on the exact same stuff I always buy. I don’t know how people on limited budgets can afford to feed their families with the prices of most grocery items. It’s just crazy.

  3. My wife does all the shopping and she’s excellent at finding the bargains. She does a little bit of couponing, nothing crazy, but she manages to stay well within out grocery budget each trip. Now I’m sure that’s going to change when the kids get older and start eating us out of house and home. lol.

  4. $780 a year is a lot of money. That’s a good amount of money that could go toward a vacation, or paying down a credit card. Definitely worth being a little more frugal at the grocery store and looking for those bargains. It’s amazing how much you can save if you buy the store brand vs. the name brand for most items. And the quality difference is negligible.

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