How Being Organized Saves Money

Does an organized kitchen save money?  I say yes because:

  • If you are organized, you won’t buy duplicates of things you already have. Can you see in your cupboards? How many jars of cumin and cans of cream of celery soup do you really need?
  • If you are organized, you will throw away less food like leftovers hidden at the back of the refrigerator or frozen meat left so long it has freezer burn.
  • If you are organized, your kitchen will be more enjoyable to work in and it will take less time to make a meal and clean up.
  • If you are organized and know what you will make for dinner, you will be less inclined to buy fast food or rush through the deli section of the grocery store.
  • If you are organized, you will know where the coupons are that you cut out and you will use them before they expire.

During January, our SpendSmart.EatSmart blog will feature tips for getting organized in the kitchen.

Please start us out by sharing some of your tips or thoughts about organization. (Just go to our blog site and in the upper right corner by tittle and date click on the comment section and add your ideas)

I’ll start.  When I was a kid my mom used to tell us “There is a place for everything and everything in its place.”  When we lost something she would say “If you pick up everything and put it away you will find it.”   (she was usually right)

4 thoughts on “How Being Organized Saves Money

  1. I put all my ingredients away as soon as I measure them out for my receipe. I makes sure that I use all the ingredients and it keeps my kitchen organized as I cook or bake.

  2. I am looking forward to learning more tips for getting my small kitchen organized. One thing I do is post the meals that I have purchased groceries for on a dry erase board in my kitchen. That helps me remember what I had planned to make, so I use up what I bought. I am a good planner, but not so good at executing the plan when life gets busy.

  3. As much as possible (depending on size of containers and how they fit into my cupboard) I arranges pices, herbs, seasonings in alphabetical order. Saves lots of time and avoids duplicates since I can quickly see if I have more than one of an item.

  4. I have always enjoyed organizing and keeping things neat because I grew up in a dirty house where there was little to no organization and very few dinners cooked. These tips all make sense and I already do a few.

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