Meat: How can we afford it for dinner?

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I have spent 2/3 of my life on farms that raised beef, pork, and some lamb. So, at times I have had the luxury of bountiful, inexpensive meat. Now I live in the city and buy all my meat at the grocery store. I still enjoy meat but I eat meat differently than I used to. I eat smaller portions of meat and combine meat with other flavors and textures in meals. I eat more fish and seafood, chicken, beans and eggs and pay attention to the amount of fat I consume.

Why? Partly because I know that along with great protein in meat you can get saturated fats, which I avoid, and partly because I have a “thrifty gene” and the cost of meat has my attention.

This week I’m  sharing 10 tips which I use to save money on meat and a list of beef and pork planned overs from the American Meat Institute.

I’d love to know your best tips for saving money on meat.  Please leave a comment and share.

Update: Link to 10 tips was broken, but is fixed now! Sorry for the inconvenience, Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Meat: How can we afford it for dinner?

  1. In trying to see your 10 tips to save money on meat, I was instructed to set up a Box account, and once I did that, now it tells me the content has been deleted or is unavailable to me. I’m an Extension agent in Kansas and I wanted to share this post with my clientele, but now I see that I cannot do so. Have I done something wrong, or are these closed resources that are not available outside your subscribers?

  2. Links ask me to Log into Box? What is this? Why not post the contenthere on tthis page?

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