Which Yogurt Should I Buy?

For me, one of the most confusing parts of the grocery store is the yogurt area.  There are so many options! There are different types and flavors, different nutrition, and different prices.  To play it safe, I usually stick with what my family likes – citrus flavored yogurts for me, peach yogurt for my husband, drinkable yogurt for my oldest son, Greek yogurt for my daughter, and small containers of yogurt for my youngest son.  


But, I have wondered, what if I am sacrificing nutrition or paying too much by playing it safe?  Down below, I have created a table to help make decisions when buying yogurt. I used the information for yogurt that is available at a local grocery store where I shop.



Yogurt Type

Container Size (oz) Cost Sugar (g) Calcium (%DV) Vitamin D (%DV)

Fruit flavored (original)


$0.46 19 20


Fruit flavored (light)

6 $0.46 10 15



5.3 $0.78 6 15


Greek fruit flavored (light)

5.3 $1.00 6 15



1 tube


(per tube)

8 10


Drinkable                 3.1


(per bottle)




*Percent Daily Value or %DV is the amount of that nutrient for a 2000 calorie diet.

Justine Hoover

Justine Hoover is a Registered Dietitian and mom who loves to cook for her family.

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8 thoughts on “Which Yogurt Should I Buy?

  1. This is really nice to look at. I just have one thought about giving light yogurt or light anything to children. I was always told the sweeteners are not good for children. But that seems to be the better choice seeing it has less sugar.

  2. Hi Cathy,
    Thank you so much! We found this article by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) about giving children sweeteners. https://www.healthychildren.org/English/healthy-living/nutrition/Pages/Sweeteners-and-Sugar-Substitutes.aspx The AAP does not have a stance either way about children consuming sweeteners. I think you have to find the right balance for the children in your life – some children will be getting sugar from other foods throughout the day, so light yogurt may be the best choice for them; while other children may not be eating many foods with sugar, so regular yogurt may be good for them.
    Thanks again!

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