Easter Baskets Don’t Have to be Filled with Candy

According to the National Retail Association about 90% of us will have candy on our shopping list for Easter and our total spending will be about $2 billion. WOW.

Why is it that people who do not buy candy for most of the year, buy enormous baskets and fill them with chocolate, jelly beans, candy chickens, etc. for Easter? I think advertising and retail promotions, as well as peer pressure, are at work.

Photo from The Saved Quarter

For Easter this year, how about buying one small bag of a favorite candy and then filling the Easter basket with stickers, whistles, pencils, plastic rings, coupons for ice cream, puzzles, playing cards, and bath toys. Here are a couple of sites that have ideas to match with your child’s or grandchild’s interests and your budget.

Alternative Fun Easter/Spring Baskets

Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Children